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New Zealand apple orchard

We are a juice company making nutrient rich products with the
best ingredients nature can offer so that your body can have
the best nutrition.

How We Started

Brothers William and Nick White are natural inventors and incredibly resourceful. 

They both had apple orchards and apple packing shed. When they saw the waste of the 2nd grade fruit  they knew that there had to be a solution. They came up with the idea of making a real and honest fruit juice.

Doing some investigation on what was in the supermarkets they were shocked to find nasties in the major brands of juice like added sugars, colours, flavours and reconstituted juice. They set about to make their own small commercial juice machine. After many trials and errors they made one and to their delight made a truly delicious nutritious apple juice, straight from their own apples. 

They approached a local fresh fruit and vegetable market to sell their real juice and the market owners asked the boys to make their own label of juice, which they did.

The customers loved them so much, as they were so much better than the supermarket juices. They kept on asking where else could they buy them and so Mill Orchard Juice Co was born.

Mill Orchard New Zealand

Where We Are Now

Ever since making their first batch of no "nasties" fruit juice the family business has grown into now supplying supermarkets

and food service customers around New Zealand and the world.

The family's dedication, hard work and can do attitude built

Mill Orchard Juice Co to make sustainable and nutrient rich juices

a reality.

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