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Our process starts on our orchard in Canterbury with the best ingredients, a majority sourced from New Zealand growers. We don’t deal with drums of juice concentrates.It is so much easier to make juices from concentrates but we specialise in squeezing juices from fresh fruit and vegetables while still maintaining as much nutrients as possible…the only way to make the best.

Delicious Goodness In A Bottle

Mill Orchard Blackcurrant juice.jpg

The fresh fruit and vegetables are cold pressed, to extract the pure juices from them. The juice is collected in large storage containers to then be blended with other cold pressed juices and a dash of vitamin C is added. Each batch has an organoleptic test (in other words taste test) by our very talented Luke White (son of one of the owners), who was a chef and has an amazing ability to blend juices to the perfect taste and balance.

Mill Orchard Crushed apple tammy.jpg
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