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Best Juice?

We make NZ cold pressed nutritious, delicious fruit and vegetable juices .

Do you need to boost your immune system? 

Immunity boosting juice

Cold pressed juices

only goodness!

Made by a New Zealand family

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 A first for a New Zealand Juice company!

We are doing our part to Help the Environment

We love our New Zealand and the natural environment that we live in and want to keep it that way.


That lead us to be more proactive in reducing our carbon footprint.


So we are proud to say that we are the first New Zealand juice company to produce a 100% recycled plastic (rPET) bottle for our
Life Glow and our Life Immunity Boost.


This is a fantastic beginning for us in doing our part to help our world.

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What customers are saying

Gill from Christchurch

Finally, a Juice I can give my children without loading them up on sugar.

Mill Orchard thank you for creating such a healthy and delicious range of juices. Even a diabetic family member can enjoy your juice!!

Theresa from Oxford

Our 8 year old daughter had severe food allergies as a baby. She had extreme eczema and this caused a real fear of food in her. As a result her diet is very limited and as a mum I am worried about her nutritional needs, as she refuses to eat any fruits and vegetables. We have tried everything to encourage her to try new foods but they all failed! I felt like I failed as a mum unable to provide a good range of nutrition for my child! Out of desperation I tried Mill Orchard juices and she loved them!! With only the wholesome goodness of apples going into Mill Orchard juices they stand above other brands so I have full confidence in its’ nutritional value and goodness for my family. I also value that the juice are produced within New Zealand from local grown produce. Now I have peace of mind to have found a great juice that benefits the diet of my family and supports our local business.

Francis from Auckland

I so enjoy fruit juice but I wanted less calories, so I dilute them with water which compromises the taste. Mill Orchard juices have a real fresh taste because they are REAL and local (which makes them much fresher in the bottles). The taste of diluted juice is now no longer compromised!! I go to great lengths to find Mill Orchard cold pressed juices. I love this juice!